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If you are like me you want to hear good music and a variety of it. Way too many stations were just playing the same rotation of pop/rock/country songs or obscure ( Like an old Anthrax Album from the 80’s..coughs into hand) underground stuff no one has heard of (for a reason) Not to mention “Rock” stations playing 2 rock(ish) songs from the 90’s top 10, with a bit of the Beetle’s thrown in for variety, then 20 minutes of adverts. Well, I dusted off my DJ equipment ( figuratively) and decided to create a better station. Also, we LOVE promoting new bands, so if you are a member of, or a promoter for a ROCK or METAL band, and would like some airtime, contact us via the email address below.
To tell me about music you would like to hear, send me an email at contactfistfullofmetal@gmail.com 
Have a band you want to showcase? Do you have originals you want to get some airtime? I can’t sign you, but if they are any good, send an mps 3 to contactfistfullofmetal@gmail.com  and I will put your ORIGINAL songs on the air.
Check us out: 
WEBSITES   https://www.fistfullofmetal.co.uk https://www.fistfullof-rock.co.uk
ONLINE PLAYER: Simple, streamlined, no lag, easy to play on phone or computer
Fist full of Rock-http://ample-03.radiojar.com/n507t7z0vxquv?
MYTUNER - https://mytuner-radio.com/radio/fist-full-of-metal-462570/
 Our Partner’s Twitch Stream- https://www.twitch.tv/guitarxacev2
Our Club in Second Life [The Hard Rock Ranch  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uxert/195/107/51
Live Online Radio -https://www.liveonlineradio.net/de/fist-full-of-metal-radio.htm
Online Radio Box -https://onlineradiobox.com/uk/fistfullofmetal/?cs=uk.fistfullofmetal&played=1
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